Sea Scout Adventure

Military Machines of American Freedom obtained approval from the Quincy Airport Authority for Sea Scouts from the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, John Paul Jones Division, to spend Saturday night, April 13, 2019,  camping out at the Quincy Airport. We picked them up at 0900 Sunday morning in the M1078 troop carrier and brought them back to our restoration facility. They toured all we had to offer. We gave them a demonstration  of the unique capabilities of the Unimog FLU419.  We even dug a hole which they thought was cool. Then everyone received a ride in a M998 Humvee.

After the tour, the cadets donated an hour of community service time and worked on cleaning up the Detroit Diesel engines for our Vietnam era Patrol Boat River (PBR) using steel brushes and sand paper getting them ready for re-painting.  They also installed some bolts in a static display T-53 engine we are putting together with some spare parts.

The cadets had an excellent attitude and had a great time. They are ready to see the PBR running in the water!!